Cloth Diapers? What?…Wait, they still have those?

DSC_0024 (4)Part One of Cloth Diapers? What?…Wait, they still have those?

That’s what I thought when I had my third child (now 9 yrs. old). I had just become a stay-at- home- mom and was exploring ways to save money. I thought about cloth diapers for a whole 2 minutes then decided nah ,that’s not for me.

It wasn’t even on my radar, nor any where even close to being on my radar when I had my first two children (now 18 yrs. and 15 yrs. old). I was a workin’ mamma then. (Well, I had two jobs….. mamma always has a full time job at home)

So, why in the world would I start using diapers on my fourth child?

Over the coarse of the past ten years, we have been moving toward a more natural way of life. What I mean is, you could not put us in the category of extreme natural living but we certainly do love using the tools (resources) that God has given us to support our health.  Even though we don’t freak out over our kids eating pizza rolls or drinking a Dr. Pepper once in a while,  we do limit these things.

I do, however, like to save money anytime I can and I am a do-it-yourselfer, if it’s at all possible to diy. So, when we had our daughter 2 years ago, I began seriously considering cloth diapers.  As I stated in this post, I am a researcher by nature. I like to know the why behind my choices and will research until I’m settled on the reasoning behind my choices.

When our daughter was born, our family and friends blessed us by giving her disposable diapers. We did not have to buy diapers or wipes for her until she was 6 months old. What a BLESSING that was! For the next year we bought disposables and I was still looking for ways to save money, and that’s when cloth diapers came to mind again but this time I decided to act on that thought….and thus began my research.

I came across terms I had never heard before and had absolutely no idea what it all meant, terms like all-in-ones, inserts, flats, pre-folds, etc. I also asked myself  questions like, “Why would I want to make life harder on myself by using cloth diapers? Is it really that hard to use cloth diapers? Are there any other reasons for using cloth other than saving money? Is it really worth it?”

What I found was YES, it would be harder but doable and YES there were other reasons to consider using cloth diapers and YES it is worth it, in more ways than one.

In an effort to keep our posts short and sweet,  I will share our cloth diaper adventures in a series of posts. There’s much to say about cloth diapers. In the next post, we will look at reasons we chose cloth diapers and how our family is handling this adventure!







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