Reelfoot Vacation, Part 5

Part 5 in the series Vacation on a Budget

Ok….so, by now you are probably getting burned out on hearing about our adventures at Reelfoot. (you can read part 1 here).  I have one last thing to share with you! And this absolutely lines up with a vacation on a budget. You can’t get any more budget friendly than free!

One of the last things we did while at Reelfoot was visit the Visitor’s Center which is also a museum and nature center. Non-releasable raptors, snakes and other wildlife are kept here. There were eagles, hawks, owls and other raptors that you normally do not get an up close look at. We could have sat and watched the eagles all day, they are so majestic. Eagles can be seen in abundance at the lake in January and February. We have been told that you can see eagles in a way you’ve never experienced before. We hope to be able to catch that in the next couple of years.

We were told that they hold injured eagles here.
Injured Eagle – We saw one eagle with an injured wing and another with a missing leg 🙁 It looked as though they had been shot, which is illegal. (Both pictures are of the same eagle, we couldn’t get a good one of the one with the leg missing)





There was also a boardwalk that extended out into the water and wrapped around in a circle.




The boardwalk is not long at all and is very peaceful. We knew this would be our last day to get a good look at things so we took our time.



There were plenty of spiders and other creepy crawly things too.

The museum had a lot of information in it. It was rather small, but nice, especially to be free. You could definitely spend a couple of hours here.

To finish up our stay at Reelfoot, on Sunday, we attended a really sweet church in Union City.  We also went to Final Flight Outfitters, a large (very large) hunting store. This is where two of the kids got souvenirs (our two year old didn’t really care about getting a souvenir). Here is a picture of the duck calls the kids got as souvenirs.


While at the campsite….. An ICE CREAM TRUCK made a round through the camp grounds. My husband was outside with the kids and heard the iconic tune that ice cream trucks are known for.  The kids wondered what in the world that music was….but my husband knew.  Then, there it was, rounding the corner and with it brought many childhood memories for my husband and I.  The kids excitedly ran in the camper and  told me an ice cream truck was coming by. Then I heard that familiar tune….


My kids have never seen one, and its been a long, long time since I have seen one. This caused much excitement in our camp 🙂 The kids chased down the truck and got some ice cream. It was a nice, cool surprise on a hot day.

This wraps up the adventure we had at Reelfoot Lake State Park. Here’s proof that you don’t have to break the bank to go on vacation! (To start with part 1 of the series, click here.)




Now, go make some memories!

Leave us a comment and tell us about your memories….



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5 thoughts on “Reelfoot Vacation, Part 5

  1. I love eagles and owls. They are one animal I could watch forever and always wonder what they are thinking or what they have seen. I hate that people shoot them, but I am so happy placed like this exist to help them rehabilitate or house them as best as possible.

    1. I know, those birds are so majestic! From what we were told, if you go to Reelfoot in January-February, the sky is covered with eagles. That would be so awesome to see. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Our family loves camping. So many people look at us like we are crazy though when we say we are planning our family vacation and it’s camping. We look forward to the big camping trip every year. I think more people need to get out there and experience it.

    1. I would much rather go on a camping trip for our vacation! There is just so much more opportunities to make memories with our kids! We want to visit as many State Parks as possible some day. Thanks for commenting!

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