Presents for Mamma

I know, I know….Christmas is over. It is time to move forward and concentrate on the year ahead, make goals and plans and well, start planning for next Christmas, right? Some of you are really great at preparing and have started buying presents for next year…

By this time of year we are usually not thinking so much about the Christmas that just passed, we are looking ahead…..

I have to tell you, though, that every day since Christmas, I’ve been reminded of this Christmas. In fact, Christmas 2015 was one of the very BEST Christmas’s I think I’ve ever had. Now, it’s true that I love every Christmas and I love celebrating the birth of our Lord every year (that’s top priority!).


Christmas is also a time for making memories….those  warm, cozy memories that make you look forward to going back home. Those memories that puts a smile on your face and you don’t even realize you are smiling until someone says….what’s so funny….what are you thinking about?

To be honest, since I have had my own family, I have felt like a failure when it comes to making Christmas memories. I desperately want to have Christmas family traditions, something the kids will remember, memories that I will be able to hold on to once our children have branched out with families of their own.

Not so much memories of presents and such but of giving, of sacrifice, of time invested in each other because of love.

That’s exactly what I got this past Christmas.

I always have big plans to make this or that, bake this or that, decorate this or that.  This year, none of those things happened, not even making plans to do any of those things,  mostly because of extenuating circumstances (read about our 2015 here).

So this year I really felt that I bombed the whole family traditions idea.

I already shared with you how God gave us this most precious gift of life, this sweet little baby for us to love and cherish…

However, I also received something else that is priceless to me, something only a mamma would understand…

A luxurious sugar scrub from my oldest daughter and a handsome wood carving from my youngest son….(can you see MOM on the carving? Melted my heart!!)

These two gifts are priceless to me. They speak volumes that I’m not even sure the kids understand…. the gift of time and the effort they put into it,  knowing that they thought of me and wanted to do something special for their mamma all on their own, is priceless to me.

DSC_0494 (1)

Every day that I get in the shower, I see the sugar scrub my daughter made for me and I smile.

He wrapped the piece of wood itself, put it in this box and then wrapped the box. I had such fun unwrapping it 🙂

I have the little piece of wood that my youngest son carved for me tucked away for now until I figure out how to display it.

I want them to know how proud I am of these gifts and how much they mean to me. I try to find opportunities to brag on the gifts. I want them to remember how much it meant to me and how the sacrifice of time and thoughtfulness is much more valuable than the most expensive gift.

Now, these are the memories I can hold on to.  What better tradition than to make something with love for someone you love.

What better tradition than to make something with love for someone you love. Click To Tweet

I don’t want to leave my husband out either. He helped the kids with a couple of other gifts that I am so grateful for.

New case for the iPad!! Making Home Work by Paul Chappell (West Coast Baptist College), Luxurious Sugar Scrub by My Daughter 🙂 and Handsome Wood Carving by My Youngest Son 🙂

I usually make sure my husband has a few special items in his stocking and gifts to open. Because of extenuating circumstances, that didn’t happen this year. I had ideas, but that’s all it was, ideas that I couldn’t pull together.  He works very hard for our family and I love him so much 🙂 Maybe next year, we will be in a different place in our lives and I can actually pull those ideas together……in fact, ideas are brewing now even as I type this.

I want to make his Christmas memories as special as he made mine this year! 

What precious gifts have you received from your children? What memories warm your heart when you think on them? 


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