My Journey through the Bible

January 14th, 2016 was a BIG day for me.

This day was the last day of a journey I started back in October of 2012. When I set out on this journey, it seemed overwhelming and, really, impossible that I would even see the end of it.

It was a journey that I dreamed of going on and even started on a few times but always got off track, took a wrong turn and never finished. And yet today, I can sit with you and tell you that this impossible journey that I started three years and three months ago is now finished.

It’s been a long  but sweet journey.

It has been longer than I intended for it to be but sweeter than I ever imagined it would be. When setting out, I never dreamed this journey would last three years. I’m actually embarrassed that it lasted that long.

A lot has happened on this journey.

I started my journey through the Bible on October 1, 2012. Yes, you read that correctly, 2012. Yes, it has taken me that long to read my Bible through from Genesis to Revelation.


I really don’t know what I was thinking when I started out on this journey. I was pregnant with my fourth child and homeschooling the other three. Four months after starting, I had the baby. Needless to say, things got put on hold.

The year before (2011), my husband gathered our family together and said that he wanted our family to make a commitment to read the Bible, in its entirety, in one year (three kids at that time). I thought it was a great idea and I was so proud that he wanted to do this. So we started out and eventually realized how big of a job that would be and the level of commitment it would take. Sticking to that took great discipline and my husband did a fabulous job keeping us on track. We had a feeling of accomplishment and felt that we had grown a lot through the year, spiritually as well as closer to one another. I am so glad we have that memory. When we finished, I knew that I wanted to read through the Bible on my on.

The following spring, I attended a women’s conference with a group of ladies in which Elizabeth George was speaking. A sweet friend had already given me a chronological Bible reading schedule a few months before, and I actually did start it soon after she had given it to me but, after a few days, I ended up going another direction in my Bible reading. What was really cool about the schedule is that there were no dates! The Bible was broken down into 365 passages so you had the option to either read it through in a year or….for those of us who may miss a day or two (for whatever reason), the date was left blank so you could fill in the date yourself to avoid discouragement.

I thought about starting it and sticking to it.

Then, I would remember that there were so many things I have started and not finished for one reason or another. I hated to start something else and not finish it. It was like I already felt the disappointment of yet something else not finished. So, I tucked it way in my Bible and kept it there for several months. I would run across it in my Bible and pause for a moment and think, boy, I would really like to do this, but the idea of actually reading the entire Bible felt overwhelming. I also felt that I should really try to do it in a year. I had a deep desire to read the whole Bible and knew that God wanted me to start this, but I  kept putting it off, waiting for just the right time to start.

While at the conference, Mrs. Elizabeth George encouraged all women there to “paint our Bibles pink”. She shared with us that as a new christian, she wanted to know all she could about being a christian and what God expected from her as a woman, wife and mother. She decided she would read her Bible and highlight pink everything that pertained to being a woman. She issued that challenge to us. When I finally decided to set out on this journey, I decided I would do the same thing.


As I read through the Bible I highlighted all scripture pertaining to being a woman. I got so caught up in what I was reading some days that I forgot to stop and highlight, so I’m sure I missed a few.

Keeping up with a pink highlighter proved harder than I ever dreamed it would be……somedays I just could’t find that little booger! I did however, have a pink pen so some of the verses are underlined with a pink pen instead 🙂


I will be honest with you and tell you that I really thought it would be easier than it was. In fact, it has been down right hard.

It’s not that it’s hard to read God’s Word, I love God’s Word. There were times that I felt that I was right there with Rachel as she was heart broken that she couldn’t bare Jacob children and then the joy she felt when God opened her womb. I felt that I was right there with David as Saul hunted him. I was there with David as he hid in that cave and Saul came in to search the cave. David was hidden in the dark and as Saul moved closer, David cut off a piece of Saul’s robe and he never knew David was there. And when Mary delivered her baby Boy, God’s Son, I closed my eyes and remembered how I felt when I delivered my babies. How I felt when holding their tiny little bodies, knowing that they were a gift from God. How she must have felt holding Jesus as a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes, knowing that He was the Savior of the world, even her Savior.

In some ways, I felt that I have walked the streets of Jerusalem on this journey.

In some ways, I felt that I have walked the streets of Jerusalem on this journey. Click To Tweet

So, when I say that it’s been hard, I mean that it’s been hard to stick with it (so to speak) because there were days, weeks even, that I missed. Some days I felt lead to read a Psalm or a chapter in Proverbs or some other passage instead of what was on the schedule. I could have done both I suppose (and some days I did) but life gets a little crazy around here. And then, there were those days I would wake up, hit the floor running, make it through the day somehow, and then lie in the bed at night and realize that I never did read God’s Word that day (those are not good days). I hate to admit it, but it’s true.

When I would come back to the schedule and see the gaps, I cringed. I felt like a failure. Then one day, I finally realized that as long as I stuck to reading and finished the schedule in my lifetime, that it was ok. There is not a rule out there saying that you have to read the whole Bible in one year. I’m not sure why felt constrained by that thought. Just because I may not be able to read the entire Bible in one year shouldn’t stop me from trying to read the entire Bible. I could take as long as I needed. If it took me 5 years, I was going to finish!

This post is in no way intended to diminish the idea of reading the Bible in one year nor is it intended to belittle the importance of reading God’s Word…..God’s Word is precious to me. Heroes from the past have lost their lives getting God’s Word into our hands. There are over 6,000 people groups in the world that still do not have a Bible in their own language. Please, read your Bible!

I do have a goal to read the whole Bible through in one year on my own. Someday…in the future but at this point, in this season of my life, I am not going to put that requirement on myself.

I think it is absolutely wonderful to read the Bible in a year. In fact, I know people that read through the entire Bible in just a few months and then start over again. Last year, my husband did that (it took him longer than a few months but he did it in less than a year). I really want to do that one day.

As for right now, I want to get all I can out of God’s Word and that means that for now, I have to do it slowly. Slow and steady.

So, to the Momma who is working hard to keep your house going and to the Daddy that is working hard to provide for your family, don’t get discouraged in your Bible reading.

You don’t have to read the whole Bible in one year. Just make sure you read the Bible. If you can get your hands on a Bible reading schedule (with blank dates), you can work on this as long as you need to. I could not find a reading schedule like the one I had but if you click over to, you will find  a few options for reading plans. I will probably go with this one. I can just write down the date beside the passage when I have read it. I absolutely love reading the Bible chronologically but it’s not necessary, just read God’s Word (daily). 

It’s a journey. Enjoy the journey.

On January 14th, 2016 when I completed this journey, I couldn’t believe that I was actually filling in the very last blank. You know what, I felt a little sad about it.


As I look at the torn, scribbled-on, worn paper I feel like I am saying goodbye to a good friend. We’ve been through a lot together.


I started this journey pregnant with our youngest. She is now almost 3 years old. Those scribbles you see on the schedule, she did that.

I’m a little sad to let this go.

God’s Word has comforted me, convicted me, encouraged me, molded me and loved me.

God’s Word has comforted me, convicted me, encouraged me, molded me and loved me. Click To Tweet

unnamed-3 (1)

The only thing left to do is to start this journey over again. After all, I’ve only skimmed the very top of what God wants me to know from His Word.

What experiences have you had in God’s Word? Do you have tips on reading God’s Word? I would love to hear how you manage to read God’s Word and keep it a priority in your life.

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15 thoughts on “My Journey through the Bible

  1. What a journey Renee however I think that you would feel that your faith has deepened with the experience. Thank you for sharing your journey with us at #overthemoon.

  2. I was raised in a church where there was an emphasis on reading the Bible through in a year – every year. I did it two times because my arm was twisted into doing it. Honestly, I don’t remember if I learned anything while reading because I had to have it done by the end of the year. The Bible is full of so much when we don’t take time to meditate on it, we do miss things. In the fall of 2014 I wanted to read the Bible through again, but this time I didn’t start in Genesis. I bounced around after finishing one book Monday- Friday and read Psalms and Proverbs on Saturday and Sunday. If nothing happens, I’ll be finished with my reading at the end of the month. I don’t think the Lord really cares about the schedule as long as we are in His Word.

    If I don’t do my reading before anything else, it does’t get done. When my husband leaves for work, I have my devotions then. The house is quite, my son is not up for schoolwork at that time, so it is perfect for me.

    Thank you for sharing about your journey with Thankful Thursdays.

    1. Lori, I whole heartedly agree. I once heard a preacher preach that it is super great to read your Bible through in a year but what good will that do if you don’t get anything out of it. Like I said, I think it’s an awesome goal to read the Bible through in a year but we are all in different seasons of life and, well, some of us may not be able to accomplish that. I also do my devotions in the mornings, after my husband leaves for work and before the kids get up. Unfortunately, sometimes I do oversleep. I have realized that if that happens, it is better to let the kids sleep in so I can get my devotion in…then wake them up. They don’t mind if I let them sleep in ;). Thank you so much for the comment and hopefully, I will see you next week at the linkup! Have a great weekend.

  3. I appreciate your honest post. I have four kids and I know that it can be hard to make a commitment like that. I hope to one day too. I get up 1 1/2 hour before my kids to have my quiet time with the Lord. He is my source of strength that gets me through each day. I crave that time with Him!

    1. Valerie, thank you for taking the time to comment. If I do not start the day off with the Lord, it’s a bad day indeed. I love spending that time with Him.

  4. Hi, I just happened on your site from another Christian site. I’m older than all of you….66, but I still work full time as an on-site property manager, so I’m not home all day. I have been going through the Bible electronically thru eBible. It’s my 2nd time thru, this time chronological & I’m 85% thru. I like it because they send what I’m supposed to read each day & I just click on it to read. Plus I can switch between NIV to King James to Message with just a click. I guess for an old lady I’m kind of modern that way. But I love my evenings with God. Whether I’m in his Word or doing an on line Bible Study or finding an encouraging blog like yours. It’s so nice to hear about wonderful young Christian women who are doing whatever it takes to stay in God’s will. God bless you all.

    1. Hi Nancy 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. It is so helpful to be able to incorporate technology in your Bible study and reading. I also like the sites that read the Bible to you, like Biblegateway. I don’t think I have used eBible. I will have to check that out. Thank you for your encouraging words as well. Blessings to you.

  5. What a huge accomplishment. Time with Jesus is sweeter when we take our time. This list looks great. Do you have that list to share? Send me a link. I would love a new challenge. Thank you for sharing with us at Sitting Among Friends on Wednesdays. I hope to see you back this week.

    1. Jaime, I have not been able to find another reading schedule exactly like this one. I got this one from a friend whose husband was a pastor. They had these made for their church members and she gave me one. The closest thing I have found online is from Under Daily Reading Plans select the chronological 1 yr. plan. Of course, you can print it off, read it on your own schedule and write down the dates beside what you read. (I hope this is what you were asking for). 🙂 If I ever find another one like the one I had, I will be sure to let you know!

  6. Congratulations, reading God’s words certainly enriches your life. I am your neighbor at #livefree Thursday. I have a One Year Bibel that helps you read through the Bible in a year Bible. Blessings Diana

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