Gift Ideas for Mom {Or Another Special Lady in Your Life}

It’s time to buy the moms (or another special lady) in your life a gift.

Not sure what to get?

I put together this gift guide to offer ideas for the special moms in your life whom you want to bless with a gift.

I probably should have titled this post, Amazon Gift Ideas for Mom, because this guide consists of things found on Amazon. Even if you don’t use Amazon, this guide may give you ideas of things to look for somewhere else.

I live in a very small town and finding good gifts usually means driving at least 30 minutes away, which is not always possible. Because of this, and because we have Amazon Prime, we have started using Amazon a lot.

I tend to be practical, which makes picking out gifts for others a little tough for me because I’m always concerned that the gift I have chosen is too practical, yet I want to get something that is useful. Some of these gifts may seem a little too practical, but they are things that I would consider a great gift.

{There are affiliate links in this post. If you purchase something through this website, I will receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. Thank you so much!}

Some of these items I have and some are on my “Wish List”. Please review customer reviews of products before purchasing.

Bible Journaling

Bible journaling is really popular. Putting together a Bible journaling kit would be an excellent gift for that special lady in your life. Here are the things you will need:

Additional Reading and Bible Studies

Willow Tree

I have gotten Willow Tree pieces and just love them. Some of these I have and some I would love as gifts:

There are so many more beautiful Willow Tree pieces for the special lady in your life, she would love any one of them!


Are you giving your gift early in the year? Even as a Christmas gift, nice nativities are great gifts and if you give your gift early, there will be time for it to be displayed through Christmas.


Now for the kitchen! I don’t know many women who would not love to get more artillery for their kitchen.

Purses, Coats, Shoes, and Jewelry

The Go Walk tennis shoes from Sketchers are absolutely my favorite tennis shoe that I own.


I know this is on the expensive side. You may be able to find a used iPad in very good condition which would cut down on the price. I love my iPad. It comes in so handy for recipes, pictures, taking notes, and keeping up with my calendar. I also have this iPad case. I got it last year for Christmas. It has really held up well.


Getting Healthy

This, I would be careful with :-). Someone who has not expressed a desire to change eating habits or who is not interested in making a lifestyle change to get healthy – I would NOT get the following. You do not want to offend them, but, to the special lady in your life who has expressed a desire to eat healthier, etc. the following would be great gifts. It would really be nice to bundle all (or some) of this together to get her off to a great start!

For the Mom Who Loves to DIY

There are so many things I would love to DIY that would be more economic and healthier for our family. Getting started can be a little expensive, though, so some things that I would like to make, I have not done yet because of the expense on the front end.

I’m sure there are others out there that feel the same way and that is why I feel that the following gift ideas would be perfect for someone who wants to get started with DIY projects. (This may be a little too practical but I would love to get some of these things as gifts!)

Essential Oils

If you know someone who loves DIY, finding quality essential oils is also very important as these are added to many DIY recipes. Thankfully, my husband and I were introduced to Young Living Essential Oils. We invested in our family two years ago by purchasing a Premium Starter Kit. This would make an excellent gift for a family or a mom (or anyone else really) who wants to start using quality, 100% therapeutic grade essential oils.

Visit my Getting Started with Essential Oils page to find out more.

Ok, this wraps up my gift guide for that special lady in your life. Although all the links are to Amazon, that doesn’t mean you have to order through Amazon. This guide may give you great ideas for your shopping outings in the upcoming weeks.

Blessings to you and your family this Christmas Season!
Don’t forget to pin it in case you need ideas for the future!



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