5 Reason We Use Cloth Diapers: Part 2 of Cloth Diapers!? What…Wait…They Still Have Those?

DSC_0023Part 2 in Cloth Diapers!? What?…Wait, they still have those?

In the previous post I told you that I had barely considered cloth diapers with my first three kids. I told you that I began researching cloth diapers because I like saving money.

When I started the research I asked myself a few questions…”Why would I want to make my life harder by using cloth diapers? Is it really that hard to use cloth diapers? Are there any other reasons I can find to use cloth diapers?” and last but not least “Is it really worth it?”

My conclusion was YES, it would be harder but doable and YES there are other reasons to consider using cloth diapers. Later on I would find out YES, it is worth it!

Reasons we went with cloth diapers:

1.  Saves money! How much, you ask… we have saved a ton, really we have! Do the math!

2. We feel we are being good stewards of the resources God has given us. We believe in being the best stewards we can be of the resources God has given us. We fail at this too often and we are continually working on this. We are not a wasteful family and we try our best to teach our children to be responsible with the tools God has given us.

3. Our trash isn’t as stinky!  Generally trash stinks. Wouldn’t you agree? Add a few poopy diapers to that trash and the stink-o-meter goes up about ten degrees! So, even though I have to rinse the poop off the diaper, that poop goes in the toilet (best place for it if you ask me) and that dirty diaper goes in a pail with a lid. We don’t smell it.

4. Moves our family away from more chemicals (yes, there are chemicals and harmful ingredients in most disposable diapers). This could be a post in and of itself but I’m not a scientist so I will not spend a lot of time on this. I’m just a mom trying to be more aware of what I put in and on my kids’ bodies. By the way, try to find a list of ingredients on your child’s diaper package.  Hard to find. Do your own research about this one!

5. I don’t have to worry about running our of diapers. There is a peace about knowing you have diapers  ALL THE TIME!  One less thing I have to remember at the store.

Using cloth diapers does take some getting used to. Disposables are just plain easier. With cloth diapers you have to get in a routine (which is hard for me) of washing them so you will not end up with all you diapers dirty at the same time. When that does happen (and it will) I usually have some kind of makeshift something or other that can get us through till those diapers are clean. (Still better than realizing at 10 pm you have used your last disposable diaper and because you live in a small town, all the stores are closed, so you have to drive 20+ miles to the next town to buy diapers).

Honestly, I’m not hard core cloth, I do still use disposables once in a while, on trips and etc.,  but I sure do like using the cloth diapers. I feel rather joyful and unusually excited about using cloth diapers it makes me happy to reuse and recycle!

In the next post I will share the styles of diapers we use, our favorites and how we use them.





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