Mission Trip to Africa {Part 1}

Things have been quiet on the blog lately because we have been getting ready for my husband’s mission trip to Africa……and we are so excited!

Getting ready to leave for Africa!

While this is my husband’s first mission trip, it’s not his first time out of the country. God blessed him with the opportunity to visit Israel a few years ago.

My husband is so excited about visiting the foreign mission field and having the opportunity to encourage others in the Lord. His schedule includes meeting with pastors of churches that have been planted by this ministry and preaching himself (he is really excited about that). He will be visiting a children’s home and a Christian school that this ministry started as well. He will also be doing a lot of witnessing and visiting people in the villages.

Many thoughts and concerns have flooded my mind since we started planning this trip.

A few years ago, we met the Missionary who heads up this ministry in Africa. When my husband went to Israel a few years back, he got to know the missionary and hear more about the work being done in Africa. The missionary told my husband that he was welcome anytime he wanted to visit. My husband wanted to go immediately but honestly, there didn’t seem to be an open door at the time.

This is a trip that we knew my husband was supposed to take, we just didn’t know when. We have been (and still are) praying and telling God that we are willing to walk through any door that He opens, so when the opportunity presented itself to visit this ministry in Africa (or when God opened this door), we knew immediately that this was it…..it was time to go.


In January we went to a Missions Conference. On the way to the conference we talked about my husband taking a trip to Africa and the fact that he was sure that that was the way the Lord was leading him.

Honestly, there have been a lot of things that we have not been sure about and then there are those things that we have been sure about. This trip is one of those “We are sure” things.

We have stepped out on faith and made some huge decisions over the last year. These huge decisions have been poured over with prayer and were not made hastily. In these decisions, we are sure that we are following God’s leading. It’s all those “small” decisions, all those decisions made in between the seemingly HUGE decisions that we are sometimes (a lot of times) not sure of.

While at the Mission Conference, we found out that a good friend and his Pastor were planning a trip to visit this ministry in Africa. When it was announced, my husband and I looked at each other, locked eyes, smiled and without saying a word, we knew that this was the door.

I told you all of that to tell you this….I know that my husband is doing exactly what God meant for him to do by taking this trip, but if I told you that I was not the least bit concerned about his safety or health, I would be lying.

As we began planning the trip, the thoughts and concerns that have flooded my mind have been….his safety on the plane, safety while in Africa and his health. He has taken the necessary precautions…..He is ultimately in Gods care, and that’s the safest place to be.

One of our concerns is food. My husband has a highly active metabolism. We also suspect that he has an issue with low blood sugar. (He has never been tested but he has all the characteristics of hypoglycemia.) He will be on the road (and in the air) a lot on this trip and that will make it hard to eat as often as he needs to.

So, we began looking for snacks high in protein and as natural as possible. Something he can get to easily and that will not melt. There are a lot of great all natural protein bars out there and honestly, they can get pretty expensive.

This is what we found. They are not the healthiest of healthy, but hopefully, these snacks will get him through.


CLIF BAR – Crunchy Peanut Butter Bars

KIND- Honey and Oatmeal Breakfast Bars and Almond snack bars

Pringles – Honey Pretzel Sticks ( I know these should not make it on the healthy list but they are so convenient)

And good ol’ Peanuts.

We will let you know how these work out.

I will try to update you during his trip and definitely after his trip!

As I type this, he is in the air, and Lord willing, will be landing in Africa in about 5 hours.

I ask you to pray for these men……not just their safety but that they will be an encouragement to the ministry and the people of Africa. Also, not only for them to be an encouragement to others but to also be encouraged themselves.


This trip took place in April of this year. I did not get to do updates while they were gone on the trip but you can click below for updates done after they got home….

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  1. Hi Renee,
    I’m your neighbor at Coffee for your Heart today and this trip sounded like an amazing leap of faith for not only your husband, but you too! Sometimes when God asks us to step out of our comfort zones, he does more than we can ever imagine!

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