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What is Mended and Blended.com?

Mended and Blended.com exists to reach the world for Christ by providing inspirational and thought-provoking articles. We do this by sharing our family’s journey to move closer to God and to follow His leading.

The main focus of this blog is to reach the world for Christ. We will also share resources that help us build a faith-filled family, help us parent our children, and resources that our family enjoys using in daily activities. *Check out our Privacy Policy and Disclosure Page*

Our aim here at Mended and Blended.com is to build a family-friendly, safe place in which you will find inspiration and encouragement on your journey.

Most of the articles you will find here are written by me, Amanda. Eventually, given enough time, we hope to include inspirational articles from family, friends, and other bloggers.

The construction of our little corner of the web is slowly but surely coming together. We plan to build as God leads.

The family behind Mended and Blended.com

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Meet The Mended and Blended Family
We are a simple family, living a simple life, simply living to please God. Click To Tweet

We are a simple family, living a simple life, simply living to please God. We are also a blended family who have been mended by the Thread of the Word of God. That’s the best way I know to describe us.

We have a heart for missions and wish to serve our LORD whenever and wherever He sees fit. We love to encourage and inspire others.

Meet the family ~

IMG_1805My husband ~ A fun-loving, playful guy who is pretty popular in the small town in which we live. He grew up trying to learn how to manage ADD and a mild case of dyslexia. While this did cause him some heartache, he now manages very well. He has worked at the same place for 18 years. He has a rather large beard and lets the kids play with it (braid it, etc.). Most importantly, three years ago, my husband felt God’s call to work in missions. We are slowly but surely getting there. God has used the past several years to prepare us (and is still working on us). My husband has a mission trip planned for this spring. He is an exhorter. He has the gift of encouragement. He is a great husband, father, and friend to all of us.

DSC00277Me ~ More on the quiet side, not so popular, I’m the complete opposite of my husband (opposites attract, so I’ve heard). After graduating high-school, I worked at a local store for a few months, then got a job at a bank and worked there for seven years. I left there to work at a law firm for one year. My heart ached to stay home with our children. Once I had our third child, we stepped out on faith and decided that I would quit my job and stay home with our children. We have never regretted that decision. God has provided. After two years at home, we took another step of faith and began homeschooling our children. Most days I feel that I’m not qualified for this job, but I love it. After all, God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called. I have also tasted the heartache of divorce after only five years of marriage, the death of my father and my father-in-law. I have also tasted sweet redemption through Jesus Christ and the second chances He gives.

We have four children, ages three to grown-n-out-of-the-house and we have the sweetest grandson ever. Our children who are still in school are currently in the tenth and fourth grades.

LKD_2276The Oldest Son ~ Strong-willed and head-strong! But also tender-hearted. He is a hands-on learner and a great problem solver. We always heard compliments from people he worked for during high school. I was thrilled to actually get through high school with him (the strong-willed, headstrong part has something to do with that). While in public school, I heard more than once of how he stood up for people who were being bullied. He is passionate and lively. He likes to laugh. He currently works as a corrections officer at a prison. He has a sweet family of his own.

DSC_0144The Oldest Daughter ~ Independent (from day one), level headed and loyal (and rather strong-willed). I’ve always referred to her as the calm in the storm. She needs plenty of alone time. She has made a goal to finish high school in three years and plans to attend college. She is interested in mission work and has a mission trip planned this summer. She is talented in baking and has made several of our birthday cakes and even cupcakes for a wedding rehearsal dinner. She is also an aspiring photographer (many of the photos on this blog were taken by her). When I have unexpected things come up that may take me away from the house, she is able to step in and take over. She also plays the piano.

DSC_0129The Youngest Son ~ Strong-willed (ok, I see a pattern here) and tender-hearted as well. He is wise beyond his years. He is my little buddy who will help me grocery shop. He often volunteers to go along with me when I run errands to keep me company. He is a hard worker. He likes to cook (often times he volunteers to cook breakfast for us). He sweetly offered to cook breakfast every morning so that I would have time to work on the blog. He is typically bashful and likes to laugh.

LKD_1829The Youngest Daughter ~ A little ball of energy, she can go and go and go and go…… She loves princesses and she knows that she is daddy’s princess. Her eyes are bright. She smiles with her eyes. She is very petite. She just turned three. She loves chocolate and cheese. When things are quiet, I can be 100% sure that she has found something that she would rather I not know about (she loves makeup!). She brings much joy to us all.

Well, that’s a little bit about us, our desire to please God and why mendedandblended.com was started.

Any encouragement or inspiration you get from our blog (which I hope you do); may all honor and glory go to the Lord Jesus Christ as we strive to please Him.

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You'll catch Amanda at mendedandblended.com writing about her
family's journey of being mended and blended together by the thread of the Word of God. They are a homeschooling family on this journey with 4 children talking about real life andseeking to encourage others.
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17 thoughts on “About Mended and Blended

  1. So neat to meet your family here! You guys sound awesome. I have to say that I found great comfort in the ADD thing – our son struggles with this and how hard it can truly be! 18 years in the same job for a fellow ADDer gives me great hope. Love his beard btw – letting the kids braid it – how adorable.

    1. Melody, my husband said it took him a very long to learn how to learn. It takes a lot more brain power for him to focus on something than it does someone who does not have ADD. People with ADD can be a lot of fun. We never have a dull moment 🙂

  2. Nice to learn a little about your family and hear about what God is calling you towards. I grew up in a very blended family that’s still working on the mending part. Excited to read more.

  3. Thanks for sharing on Let’s Get Real Friday Party. It was so sweet to read about your family. As a Mom who is getting to the end of her homeschooling journey (last son is a junior), I still don’t feel qualified. However, my other son is doing well in college and both boys did well on ACTs so I guess God qualifies those he calls.

  4. How precious! I loved getting to know you family and their mission. Thanks for sharing with us at Sitting Among Friends on Wednesdays. I look forward to posts next week! Have a wonderful week.

  5. Thanks for the comment on my blog. You have a beautiful family Renee. I notice you are homeschooling. if you have any questions about that from someone who has successfully graduated her students I would be glad to help. Homeschooling is one decision I will forever be glad I made. Thanks for participating in Over The Moon Linkup.

    1. Cindy, Thank you for visiting and reading about our family. I am glad we homeschool…..made some mistakes along the way but nevertheless, I’m still glad.

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