Simple Family Night

We were able to do a family night last night. My husband text me before getting home from work and asked if we would like to go out to eat. We don’t make a habit of eating out so this was a nice surprise.  A few minutes before I got the text I was sitting at the kitchen table getting school schedules figured out and was wondering what in the world we were going to have for supper and when I was going to make it to the grocery store. So, when I got his text, it was a relief. I knew that if we went out to eat we could also hit the grocery store.

We went to a neighboring town and ate at a Mexican Restaurant. I love how they have it decorated. This is the back of one of the chairs.IMG_3008

We cannot go to a Mexican restaurant and not get white cheese dip. We all love it so much. My oldest daughter mixes the white cheese dip and salsa together to eat. I’ve never tried that but it did look good.



The food was good and the restaurant was not crowded.



We then headed to Kroger. We live in a small town and we have to drive 25-30 miles to a larger town for the nearest Kroger. I prefer Kroger over all the other options we have. I like Kroger because of their selection of fresh produce and organic/natural section. Some of the family waited in the car while my 10 year old son went in to help me do the shopping.

We then headed to Walmart (ugh, not my favorite store – it seems to suck up so much of my time and money). Again, some of us waited in the car while the others went in.

We then headed home.

Our family night was spontaneous and simple. It was sweet and time well invested. I’m so thankful we got to spend the evening together.

Because a successful family night is a victory, you will find this post shared at Small Victories Sunday!! Check them out to see many more great blog posts from great bloggers.

Does your family plan a regular family night? What kinds of things do you do?

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12 thoughts on “Simple Family Night

  1. Going out to eat is always a treat for kids. My kids are grown up so the hubby and I have family night pretty much every night – us and our family of doggies. The doggies aren’t very helpful at the grocery store though.

  2. That plate of food looks sooo good Amanda!
    We love to have family night too…popcorn and movies 🙂 I keep thinking we will have game night but it hasn’t happened yet. It’s SO hard to plan the whole day (school, meals, cleaning, etc.) then plan the night too! 🙂
    Thanks for posting!

    1. Andrea, Yes, it is really hard to plan everything. I also want to plan a game night for our family, in fact, we just talked about that today. Maybe it will happen soon 🙂

  3. Oh we LOVE Mexican food! Chips are such a weakness of mine and my favorite part of eating Mexican. Sometimes we will just run by and get chips and salsa to take home.
    What a sweet treat for him to surprise you like that and what a blessing to be able to go to the store too. I love when God blesses us in those little ways when we aren’t expecting it.

  4. Some of the best days that we have together as a family is just going for a ride with no plan and no direction. Someone yells out right or left and then we go. It’s amazing what sorts of things you see when you’re traveling roads that are unfamiliar to you and GPS saves the day should you get lost. Thanks for sharing your post with us at the Over the Moon Link Party.

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